Our Mission

Our goal at the Dallas Texans Residency Program is to be seamless in purpose, to develop soccer players who aspire to play at the highest levels and to impact their lives on and off the field. Our belief is that a disciplined, purposeful environment teaches and prepares motivated athletes for success beyond the sport itself. Our student-athletes will be challenged to learn, grow and improve themselves in all aspects of their lives. Learning and practicing superior study habits, general living habits, nutritional knowledge, community respect, responsibility, and a sense of family among teammates are the foundations of DTRP.

Youth sports are competitive and soccer is no different. Today's soccer players struggle to receive enough hours of practice time and quality coaching to reach the higher levels of soccer, such as college and professional. There simply are not enough hours in the day for athletes to train and develop like they deserve within a traditional public school/athletic system. A new system of training is needed for serious athletes who want to combine the necessity of a quality education with their passion for soccer. That opportunity now exists with the Dallas Texans Residency Program.

In many other countries, Soccer Academies have been in operation for decades providing consistent training and high level coaching to give athletes a competitive advantage and allow them to reach their highest levels of achievement. With the proven success rate of these organizations, it is no surprise why Soccer Academies are being selected with more frequency by dedicated players and parents.

Our Vision

The Dallas Texans Residency Program strives to be at the forefront of school-sport development and envisions a future where dedicated student-athletes do not have to choose between passions. Our goal is to grow into an internationally recognized “High Performance Academic Training Institute” that provides outstanding quality and opportunity to our student-athletes. DTRP implements the most innovative, explosive and dynamic soccer program in the United States. The Dallas Texans are in the process of securing nearby land to build Dormitories to complete the Residential program.

DTRP has collaborated with an exceptional team of academic administrators at Quest Middle Schools and iSchool High to develop an educational platform as an answer to the challenges that face student-athletes pursuing soccer excellence under the current educational system. We have created an environment specifically designed for daily scheduling to work together. We foster a concentrated and efficient academic arrangement that allows ample time for soccer training. Our vision is to create and build “skills for soccer and skills for life.”