"My son Harvey is 9 years old. His dream is to be a professional soccer player. The first day, he said this program was more fun than any camp or practice he had ever been to. After one week, he already has more confidence in his ability and skill. He says playing against the older kids forces him to make quick decisions and make faster passes to make up for his size. As a parent I was pleased to hear that my son is getting immediate feedback on the field. Interesting enough, his team coach has already noted a huge difference. His first game was the first Friday of the program and he was more aggressive, scored more goals, made better passes and had so much confidence that it made him even more determined." - Harvey Castro MD, Martha Castro RN - Proud Parents

"BY FAR THE HARDEST WORKING, MOST TECHNICAL, CONSTRUCTIVE, INTERACTIVE, ENJOYABLE SESSIONS I’VE EVER DONE! This Dallas Texans Residency Program has, in my opinion, taught me things that I would have never learned. From Manchester’s Number System to being responsible by helping clean our locker rooms. Nipper is a great technical coach and just being with him these past two weeks has made me realize he is more than a coach. Not only does he have challenging drills, but he always has a reason to do them. He is great at explaining the move/skill, telling us when and why to use it. All in all DTRP would get a 10/10!" - Griffin Scott, U-13 Program player

"Our son, Barrett Wright, is a U-12 player in the residency program. He loves the program.  He told us late last week that 'I am loving soccer more than ever right now and I didn't even think that was possible,'" - Jason Wright

"I know when it is 108 degrees outside and my sons comes to the car after 3 hours in the sun and tells me he is having fun that I have him in the right program. My son Xander said 'It is really exciting. You do not only do drills and passing, you get to scrimmage and have fun'" - Amber Shelton

"My son Marcus has now attended 3 days of the program and wanted you all to know that he is crazy over this program. Day one before I could ask a question, he asked if he could go back the next day and at what time. Day two he was in the living room practicing what new technique he learned and was full of energy still from a weekend filled with games in Tulsa. Day three he practiced with the residence group and had practice with his team and was still able to perform at a high level. At this point we only see a positive player that wants to excel. Thank you for forming this program for the elite players." - Thanks Marcus

"My son Austin said the Residency Program 'is the best technical work I have ever gotten and it is also fun.' After the first week when I asked how it was playing that much soccer he said 'it is not work when you love it,'" - Stacy Wills