Web Site Management

All information must be authorized prior to being posted on the Dallas Texans web site. Only the Club can authorize information to be placed on the web site. Requests for web site postings should be made to DallasTexansSC@gmail.com.
Web Site Content

Phone numbers and email addresses should only be posted if the individuals give their permission. No inappropriate ads such as gambling or pornography should be displayed on any site linked with the Dallas Texans Soccer Club web site. The site will not contain any information that is detrimental to the image of Dallas Texans Soccer Club.
Team Web Pages

Teams are responsible for maintaining their own sites. All teams are required to post the following information on their team web page:
1. Team photograph with players in red uniforms and no coach in photo.
2. Roster that lists only the players' first and last name and jersey #.
3. Announcements must include standard practice time, days of the week, location and hotline number.
Names can be published in a group but not individually or in such a way that the picture can be associated with name. Contact information for the players should never be published under any circumstances. A child’s privacy and security should always be considered.


Budget (make copies to pass out to parents at tryouts)
Payment Agreement (make copies to pass out to parents at tryouts)
Schedule of Dues Sheet (to be emailed to treasurer each month)
Fact Sheet Financial Information (to be attached to Fact Sheets) 

Contact the club treasurer if you have any questions about financial dealings

972.612.5589 jmbrill5@aol.com