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12/30/0013, 10:00pm CST
By Staff Writer

Training Schedule (Week of December 12, 2013)
Monday - Off
Tuesday - Off
Wednesday - Off
Thursday - 8:00pm to 9:30pm - MJPC
Friday - Off
Saturday - Off
Sunday - May have something

IMPORTANT NOTE: Change your clocks back one hour before you go to bed Saturday evening.
Sunday - CL game @ 9:00am on Richland #1 (arrive 8:15am wearing RRR).

Classic League Schedule (Click here for CL website)

Sunday, September 8th v. Solar at 11:00am on Richland #6. (L1-2)
Saturday, September 14th v. FCD Premier at 10:00am on Richland #3 (Premier League Combo). (L0-2)
Sunday, September 15th v. DT West White at 11:00am on Richland #1. (W3-0)
Sunday, September 29th v. Odyssey at 3:00pm on Richland #4. (W4-0)
Sunday, October 6th v. DT Red at 11:00am on Richland #2 (Premier League Combo). (W3-2)
Sunday, October 13th v. DT Red West at 11:00am on Richland #4. (W6-0)
Saturday, October 19th v. FCD Youth at 2:00pm on Richland #6 (Premier League Combo). (L1-3)
Sunday, October 20th v. Solar Red at 11:00am on Richland #3. (L2-3)
Sunday, November 3rd v. DT Red South at 9:00am on Richland #1. (L3-1)

Premier League - Region 3 - Schedule (Click here for PL website)
Saturday, September 21 -Tulsa, Oklahoma (L4-3)
OFC v. DT96RN @ 5:00pm on ISSC #14.

Sunday, September 22 - Tulsa, Oklahoma (W2-3)
TSC Hurricane (NSIEN) v. DT96RN @ 4:00pm on ISSC #14.

Saturday, October 26 - San Marcos, Texas (W0-5)
Eclipse Premier v. DT96RN @ 4:30pm on 5 Mile Soccer Complex #7.

Sunday, October 27- San Marcos, Texas (W1-2)
Albion Hurricane v. DT96RN @ 2:00pm on 5 Mile Soccer Complex #8.

Saturday, November 9 - Plano, Texas (D1-1)
DT96RN v. Texans 96 Houston @ 2:45pm on Russell Creek #A.

Sunday, November 10, Plano, Texas (L1-2)
DT96RN v. Lonestars Red @ 1:00pm on Russell Creek #H.

2013 Showcase/Tournament Schedule
August 30 thru September 2 - Plano Labor Day Invitational (1-2-1)
November 15 thru November 17 - GSI Showcase (Overland Park, KS) (1-2-0)
December 7 thru December 8 - Sports Source Showcase (Possible reschedule)
  --Game #1, Saturday, 12/07/13 vs. Rio Rapids @ 8:00am on Russell Creek #D
  --Game #2, Saturday, 12/07/13 vs. Classic Elite @ 5:10pm on Russell Creek #D
  --Game #3, Sunday, 12/08/13 vs. Lonestars 96 Red South @ 2:20 pm on Russell Creek #S

2014 Showcase/Tournament Schedule (this may change)
January  25 thru January 26 - Showcase of the South, Little Rock, Arkansas (Accepted)
February 1 thru February 2 - Houston Blue Chip Showcase (Accepted)
March 7 thru March 9 - FC Dallas Showcase
April 18 thru April 19 - Texas Lightning Showcase - Arlington
May 3 thru May 11 (two weekends) - State Cup

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