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Man U Visit 2009

Brian McClair in the USA

At the end of June, Academy Manager Brian McClair travelled to Dallas with Academy Coach John Cooke and Manchester United Soccer Schools’ International Program Manager Tony Byrne to deliver a series of coaching sessions as part of Manchester United’s latest venture to work alongside grassroots clubs in the USA.

The association between Manchester United and one of the most prestigious youth soccer clubs in the USA, Dallas Texans, was promoted by Nike USA to encourage the sharing of philosophies and coaching practices. As the first in its kind for all parties, it has been implemented with a great deal of anticipation, and now success.

The key component of this inaugural trip was for both clubs to learn more about their respective structures and environments and involved a series of coaching sessions delivered by the Academy coaches at the impressive Ross Stewart Soccer Complex, home of the Dallas Texans.

With approximately 18,000 young players, both boys and girls, representing the club in various cities across the State of Texas, as well as affiliate programs in Florida and Canada, the Dallas Texans are renowned throughout the USA as one of the leading clubs in the country. By having the Manchester United coaches in Dallas for the week, the Texans were eager to expose their coaches, players and parents to the coaching methods employed throughout the year at the Academy in Carrington.