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Goalkeeper Training

Keeper Training

Dallas Texans Keeper Training is about developing two things: (1) the technical skills of goalkeeping alongside a tactical understanding of when and how to use them, and (2) the communication and leadership skills coupled with the ability to read the game and project a strong presence on the field. Great care and consideration is taken when planning sessions with the goal of maximizing reps to rest ratios and duplicating game scenarios in controlled and efficient exercises. Elements of matches will be incorporated with regards to decision making, technical execution, positioning and communicating in mini games that bring out the competitive spirit and grow a winner's mentality. Constant positive reinforcement paired with an intense training environment and dedication to individual growth is just a snapshot of what Dallas Texans Keeper Training offers its members. 

Development Academy/Pre-Academy/ECNL teams

Coach: Abdi Adloo

Girls: Monday & Thursday

Boys: Tuesday & Wednesday

U11 - U14 6p-7p

U15 - U18 7p-8p

Juggler's Club

Background – This program is designed to improve the players technique/skill by involving parents to observe their kids doing more of what they love – soccer.

Goal – Mastering technique and skill is an absolute necessity for young soccer players seeking a continued rate of progression and continued ability to compete in a highly competitive soccer environment.  Simply telling players that they must work on skills at home is not effective.  The goal setting portion of this program will revolve around setting up technical goals for players, helping players set  technical goals for themselves and helping parents understand their crucial role in support and reinforcement for achieving those goals.