Q: Are all the student-athletes participating in the Residency Program required to attend the recommended school?

A: Parents are the ones to choose the method of schooling for their own children.  However, after visiting the middle school and high school, we highly recommend this environment.  We encourage parents and students to visit the school before making a decision.

Q: Is the curriculum accredited and will it prepare the students for college?

A: The school's curriculum is accredited by the TEA and also through the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). Both the middle school and high school achieved an Exemplary rating from their first year on.  Pre-AP and AP classes are offered. 

Q: When does the program start and end?

A: The soccer training begins the third Monday in August and runs through Memorial weekend.

Q: Is this program open to both genders?

A: Yes, this program is for both boys and girls.

Q: How are players grouped in the program?

A: For training, players will be grouped together by soccer ability.

Q: What is the program’s policy for Holidays?

A: The program will follow the holiday schedule of the public school system.

Q: Is this program restricted to only Dallas Texans players or is it open to all players?

A: The program is open to any player from any club or any place that chooses to participate.

Q: How much will the program cost?

A: The program costs $4900 per year.

Q: If my child plays for a Dallas Texans team, does this program’s fee include our normal club dues as well?

A: The fee for the program does not cover any club dues.

Q: Will there be affordable payment plans offered to participants?

A: There will be several payment plans that will make it affordable to participate. To see the payment plan visit the registration page.

Q: How do we apply to the program?

A: Click on the Registration tab, and then complete the Initial Player Registration and return it either by e-mail or mail to the addresses provided.

Q: How do I know if my application has been accepted?

A: After you have submitted the Initial Player Registration form along with the non-refundable deposit check, you will be notified by our office within one week. If for any reason your application is not accepted by the Dallas Texans Residency Program your deposit will be returned, minus $25.00 for the administrative fee.

Q: What if my child cannot attend the 1:30pm session due to schooling.  Can he/she attend the later sessions only?

A: Yes, with DTRP approval, players who cannot attend the first session can attend the second one starting at 4:00pm.

Q: What do the participants need to bring?

A: Players will need to bring shoes and shin guards.  Everything else will be provided by the program. 

Q: What happens in the event of bad weather?

A: In case of inclement weather the players will move to the indoor facility.  Driving conditions will be taken into consideration.

Q: Are the parents allowed to observe the training of the Residency Program?

A: Parents will be allowed to observe the outdoor training at certain times with permission from the staff.  The indoor facility has space limitations that will not accommodate spectators.

Q: Will the student-athletes be supervised the entire time they are with the program?

A: The student-athletes will be supervised the entire time by our staff during their training.  The student-athletes will not be allowed to leave the gated training area without prior written approval by their parents.

Q: Can I find out more about the middle school and high school?

A: To learn more about the recommended schools click on the appropriate tab: Middle School | High School

If you have any questions that have not been answered above please call Hassan Nazari at 972-741-6452.