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Uniform Policies

Purchasing Policy

Every two years, all competitive teams ages U11-U18 will be required to purchase a new uniform kit,
unless a new Nike style has not yet been introduced, in which case a new kit will be required upon the introduction of a new style by Nike. Purchased uniforms must be worn for the following two years in
both league and tournament play for each team's respective Soccer Association or USSF Academy season.

Policy Exclusions

Teams entering the U18 age group in a uniform-purchasing year will NOT be required to purchase the new kit and will be allowed to finish their senior year in their previous year’s kit. These teams may purchase a new kit at their own discretion.

Uniform Numbering

All Dallas Texans team uniforms must display numbers on the jerseys. The Texans numbering system allows for goalkeepers to wear the numbers 00, 0, and 1, and for field players to wear the numbers 2-22.

(972) 519-0222

(972) 519-0222

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