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Donation Program

S.C.O.R.E. with the Texans Program

The Dallas Texans Soccer Club is proud to announce a new program S.C.O.R.E. (Send Clothing & Other Reusable Equipment) that will allow its members to donate any used soccer equipment and uniforms back to the club. The club will recycle these items to our new affiliates in South America and Africa. All donations are tax deductible. This will give our club a chance to give back in a way that will benefit all involved.

Give a child a chance to dream

All Dallas Texans families are invited to donate their used (but still usable) uniforms, practice gear, shoes, shinguards, balls, goalkeeper gloves and other soccer items to the club as a charitable donation.  The club will issue each donating family a receipt acknowledging the charitable donation, and the family can deduct the fair market value of the items from their income for tax purposes (just like deducting donations to church or any other charitable organization).  The Texans are a 501(c) (3) charitable organization.

The Texans will use the donated items to provide to needy players, especially in the club’s planned new affiliates in Africa and Latin America! In these countries and elsewhere, the need is great for this equipment and your donations will make it possible for children to play the sport of soccer, know the joy of the game and build their dreams… So with your generosity, you can assist the club, help the kids play the game they love and save some tax dollars!

All items are welcome, including Texans uniforms from years prior to the past two years.

For reference, the club believes that the values given below are a fair estimate, depending upon whether the items are delivered in good condition or poor condition.

Please bring your donated items to Ross Stewart when you come for uniform sizing.

Article of Clothing Donation Price
Uniform Jersey $5 to $15
Uniform Shorts $3 to $10
Warm-Up Jacket $4 to $15
Warm-Up Pants $4 to $15
Pre-game Shirt $2 to $5
Practice T-Shirt $1 to $2
Practice Socks $1 to $2
Practice Shorts $1 to $2
Backpack $2 to $9
GK Yellow $3 to $9
Hooded Sweatshirt $2 to $6
GK White/Gray $4 to $15
Sweatpants $1 to $3
GK Socks $1 to $3
Game Socks $1 to $3

Shoes, shinguards, balls, goalkeeper gloves, other:  make your estimate based on original cost and current condition (approximately 30% of original cost for good condition and 10% for poor condition).


Thanks for your support,


The Dallas Texans